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COLAS West Australia

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COLAS West Australia is part of the dynamic COLAS Group, the worldwide leader in transportation and infrastructure construction and maintenance. With 70,000 employees spanning 5 continents around the world, the COLAS Group carries out over 100,000 projects each year.

From a family run business that commenced operations in 1996, COLAS West Australia has grown to become Western Australia’s largest Spray Seal contractor.

General Manager Ricky Nugent attributes their success to:

“The people are the key in our business, they very much embrace innovation and change as the market evolves – this has dovetailed wonderfully with the APE software”

Sealing roads is pretty complex with varying blends, temperatures, thicknesses and combinations of aggregate. Before APE Mobile, the drivers had to calculate everything manually on every spray run. Furthermore, with projects spread across the state, getting paper records back to the office was slow and cumbersome, as was manually extracting the data once they did receive it.

Colas WA were one of the first customers to adopt APE Mobile, and use it as a Bitumen Spray Seal App, transferring their Master Spray Sheet that includes complex IF & VLOOKUP formulae.

With accurate data and customer signatures captured onsite, and synchronised once drivers are back online, the office now has real-time access to all site information and can even export specific data at the push of a button.

Contracts Manager Stuart Nugent says:

“APE Mobile has been a game changer for our business – we have improved cash flow by getting invoices out the door in real time. We are also able to react to changes in the field as they happen. The fact we can effectively administer the software in house also means the only limitations are how far we want to push it”

Since proving the concept with their Master Spray Sheet, Colas WA have gone on to include all their field paperwork including pre-starts and inspection checklists, which give them the ability to raise ‘Fault Reports’ directly from the checklist.







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