DM Civil

DM Civil

Established in 1976, DM Civil quickly became known for their high quality of work and ability to successfully complete any project across Western Australia. Now one of the state’s best known and admired Civil Contractors, their commitment to people and industry best practice is second to none.

Managing Director Stephen Hall attributes their success to:

“People are the heart and soul of DM Civil, and that’s why we’re committed to investing in career development and technology”

Over the years DM Civil has built up an impressive body of knowledge, which is reflected in their integrated management system. Their processes and templates ensure this knowledge is used and industry best practice followed on every project.

DM Civil invest in equipment and technology in order to maximise value for their customers. To this end they were interested in using iPads on site, but couldn’t find a solution that would let them easily continue using their existing processes and templates, that is until the heard about APE Mobile.

After testing the system with their forms they were convinced, so convinced in fact they signed up for a long term Enterprise Agreement, highlighting their commitment to invest in people and technology.

Stephen Hall explains:

“With APE Mobile we get instant bang for our buck, but more importantly we see it as a core component for the future. It allows us to do things our way, and at the same time offers huge opportunities to optimize, not just how we work in the field, but how we manage that data in the office”







Civil Construction, Land Development, Pipelines, Water Infrastructure

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