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GSE‘s mission is to exceed all stakeholder expectations by providing tailored, project specific consulting engineering services in a professional, innovative, technically sound, timely, and cost effective manner.

GSE is proud to provide geotechnical, structural, and environmental engineering consulting services to the Florida Department of Transportation, University of Florida, city and county governments, contractors, homeowners, builders, developers, and insurance companies throughout Florida.


Prior to APE Mobile, paperwork was not being returned to the office in a timely manner (over two weeks!) and when it was returned, it came back illegible and dirty full with mud and sand. Back in the office, formulas were being accidentally deleted from spreadsheets, causing major discrepancies.


Now using APE Mobile, GSE’s field techs are able to have their wireless devices with them on site meaning all paperwork is completed and sent back to the office immediately. All smart phones and devices are in waterproof cases so they are safe and there is no more dirty paperwork! With the controls APE Mobile provides, formulas are now built in so only selected staff can edit them – meaning no more accidental deletions!


APE Mobile has been a great success to GSE in the past 4 months, giving them the ability to meet their clients needs within 3 days, reducing turn-around time by 11 days. Paper usage has also been cut down by 70%!

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