Mitchell Plastic Welding

Mitchell Plastic Welding

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Miguel Baker, Operations Support from Mitchell Plastic Welding said:

“Ape Mobile has allowed Mitchell Plastic Welding to move forward with reducing paper and increasing productivity through a simple to use and very beneficial paperless system which the whole Mitchell Plastic Welding family love!”


Mitchell Plastic Welding (MPW) is a family owned and operated business offering contractual plastic welding services. Since its opening in 1988, they have excelled in their field, specialising in manufacturing, fabrication and repairs to the aquaculture, industrial and agricultural sectors. They are committed to a “people first” approach, resulting in 24 hour support to all clients.


Before implementing APE Mobile, Mitchell Plastic Welding were having issues with their paperwork returning to the office and being completed. Often end-of- shift reports and daily check lists would become illegible and damaged due to site conditions causing administration headaches.


The APE Mobile app is very easy to use. Form templates are created in-house by Mitchell Plastic Welding and the ability to have drop down selection lists for consistent information is great. The team really enjoy using tablet software.


Another advantage for Mitchell Plastic Welding is the improvement of workflow with forms. Having the ability to electronically submit a form and instantly viewing it in the of ce has increased productivity within the team. The previous issue of damaged or missing paperwork no longer exists!


Mitchell Plastic Welding have been able to save hours on paperwork per week! They are also are expecting to save hundreds of dollars per month once fully rolled out. This will be on timesheet books and vehicle/machinery checklists that were previously printed and filled in by employees.






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