Managing Quality in Construction

As the Quality Manager, how do you:

Ensure quality management is consistent and efficient as possible?

Make inspections and pre-checks rigorous yet easy to complete?

Stay on top of inspection test plans and have instant access to documents and updates?

Gain insights into where significant costs or failures are coming from?

APE Mobile has the answers

Exercise proactive quality management

Switch to a low-risk ITP workflow

Reduce administrative effort and increase insights

Exercise proactive quality management

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Providing an easy to use yet robust quality process for field workers has always been a challenge. Getting the job done quickly with effective quality management will deliver the best outcomes. But until now it’s been hard to balance the two.

Enable proactive quality management at all stages of projects with APE Mobile:


  • Streamline how you implement ISO quality systems
  • Build best practices into checklists and pre-populate form data.
  • Self-manage quality issues before customers spot them
  • Focus on taking early corrective action on non-conformances before serious breaches occur
  • Address quality of workmanship, materials, processes and systems thoroughly
  • Make robust inspections and audits a breeze
  • Produce insightful reports with less grunt work

Switch to a low-risk ITP workflow

An inspection test plan (ITP) is essential for quality management and technical compliance. It’s critical for minimising legal liability. Performed ineffectively can cost the project and erode margins. A paper-based version can get lost or destroyed easily. Typical forms apps cannot create an online ITP with linked documents, and don’t get the job done.

Gain a unique competitive advantage with a robust ITP process.

  • No other platform gives you the ability to capture all forms, documents and approvals on inspections in one place.
  • Keep secure, auditable records of sign-offs on hold points.
  • Access full inspection forms and site documents offline. Updates are available to all parties in near-real time.
  • Higher ITP visibility means it’s easier to evidence compliance and improve quality control.
  • This lowers rework and reduces financial risks.

Reduce administrative effort and increase insights


Quality management is challenging in the construction industry. Complexities arise from legal compliance, workforce coordination, and materials management. There are time pressures, cultural resistance, and environmental hazards. Delays, miscommunication and inefficiencies are commonplace. There’s a constant need to get more done with less.

Managers can gain better control of quality management from start to end with APE Mobile.

  • Make it easier to implement quality practices at all stages of a project to pre-empt serious defects and failures.
  • Get quicker, more accurate and thorough data updates.
  • Receive timely alerts and make it easier to produce insightful reports to make make better decisions.
  • Activate quicker follow-up actions for non-conformances.
  • It’s easier to raise correction actions, assign tasks, provide access to information, mark tasks as done and share updates.
  • Spend less time compiling reports and generate more insights to drive project progress

Help your workforce succeed in the field

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Get answers with AI Site Assistant

Ask a question and get it answered instantly to make better decisions in the field.


Capture data intelligently

Manage all your site paperwork in one place. We’re the only app that can handle it all.

Annotate Photos

Communicate more clearly

Annotate photos, capture GPS, and with auto-sync; everyone’s on the same page.

Digital Signatures

Collaborate better

Instant markups allow everyone in the field and head office to be on the same page for faster follow-up with less mistakes.

Risk Matrix

Enforce better safety

Improve the inspection process and manage all safety forms from one place

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Improve quality management

Embed quality processes in all project stages to help your teams succeed

Understand what’s happening on site—today.

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