Managing Road Projects

As road contractors, you want to maximise profit, reduce risk, and minimise project delays. APE Mobile helps you to help your workforce succeed – by managing your unique operational requirements more productively.

Collect data with ease

Handle complex formula & calculations instantly

Assess onsite project performance in real-time

Invoice faster, manage cashflow effectively

APE Mobile has the answers

Capture robust data for better results.

Drive performance with better intelligence

Improve cashflow with instant data capture

Capture robust data for better results.


Road contractors capture a range of data including volumes, areas, distances, temperatures, application rates, type/blend of materials, work hours and vehicle hours. Missing or inaccurate data can increase compromise quality, impede progress, and trigger cost blowouts.

Improve accuracy of measurements and minimise waste with APE Mobile:

  • Embed complex formulas on master spray sheets for smart data capture.
  • Use quick and easy pre-populated drop-down menus boxes and mandatory fields for critical information.
  • Streamlined and AI-enabled data retrieval puts data at your fingertips and allows you to make better decisions.

Case Study: COLAS

“APE Mobile has been a game changer for our business…accurate data, quick calculations, (and) on-site customer signatures means the office has real-time access to all site information. We are also able to react to changes in the field as they happen.”


Drive performance with better intelligence

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Inaccurate or incomplete data at hold points within Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) can cause costly delays. Paper-based ITPs, timesheets, activity logs, inspection approvals, or job completions can be hard to access, misplaced or lost, and can have a negative impact on project progress, costs and future estimations.

Save time and money with simpler, smarter workflows:

  • Automated alerts and timely access to data allow project management to make decisions before costs spiral.
  • Follow-up forms linked to ITPs allow project managers to retrieve inspection statuses in real time and drive progress.
  • Allow easy retrieval of SWMS including excavation permits and service permits for roads

Improve cashflow with instant data capture

Register and Drawings

Data capture and re-entry can cause significant delays in invoicing. Remote work sites cause even more delays in getting paper-based forms back to head office for processing and invoicing. Having multiple worksites makes the job even harder, especially if incomplete or ineligible forms need to be re-verified.

With APE Mobile you can invoice quickly because the accounts department can access accurate and complete information as soon as it is entered in the field on mobile devices. Gain credibility from your clients through having fast, accurate data which you can be relied upon.

Case Study: Kypreos Group

Nothing short of amazing. Getting paperwork back to the head office (from remote sites) for processing no longer takes 3-6 weeks. Invoicing clients could be done within 24 hours of job completion increasing cash flow with a reduction in queries and disputes over invoice quantities and amounts”

Help your workforce succeed in the field

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Get answers with AI Site Assistant

Ask a question and get it answered instantly to make better decisions in the field.


Capture data intelligently

Manage all your site paperwork in one place. We’re the only app that can handle it all.

Annotate Photos

Communicate more clearly

Annotate photos, capture GPS, and with auto-sync; everyone’s on the same page.

Digital Signatures

Collaborate better

Instant markups allow everyone in the field and head office to be on the same page for faster follow-up with less mistakes.

Risk Matrix

Enforce better safety

Improve the inspection process and manage all safety forms from one place

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Improve quality management

Embed quality processes in all project stages to help your teams succeed

Understand what’s happening on site—today.

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